A model of access to computing capacity of existing HPC infrastructure for companies and organizations that have as their object the provision of services to third parties or development of product development activities that aim to obtain a benefit is set their business is described. Those activities conducted by universities, public and private organizations for R & D non-profit, are excluded and specific agreements will be established. Also, the companies installed in the Tenerife Science and Technology Park (PCTT) will have priority when establishing periods of access to infrastructure.

On demand computation prices are set according to the attached model for standard computing services . The services can be provided from Teide HPC infrastructure are:

  • Computation :
    • IaaS : Infrastructure as a service. The amount of storage adn computing nodes requested are provided.
    • PaaS : Platform as a Service . Above the IaaS level, computing nodes are supplied with OS deployed , monitoring service…
    • SaaS : Software as a Service. Massively parallel execution of software installed on the machine is offered. If necessary, the installation and optimization of the software or the infrastructure could be done to fit customer needs.
  • User access accounts : Includes 5GB of NFS storage.
  • Storage: Storage is offered in 1GB slots

The service request will be made from this form.

After the receipt of this form, ITER will issue a binding offer for the total services requested. This offer will have a maximum validity period of a month. Upon acceptance of the offer by the customer, ITER shall assign a time interval to the client for performing the requested work. At this time, the customer will pay the 10% of the total amount of the tender for the reservation of the requested resources. This payment will be refundable only if it is established that the infrastructure don’t adapt to customer requirements during the testing period .

Prior to formalize the acceptance of the offer by the customer shall have the right to conduct tests on the infrastructure , in order to verify the suitability of the same character for your needs . For these tests will provide the customer with minimum necessary infrastructure required to verify adapting it to the requirements of the applications running configuration. This configuration will be available for 7 business days , such period may be extended if the evolution of the tests recommended . In no case shall the probationary period may be used for the provision of service to a third party.

If the client does not use the allotted time period, ITER will be able to realocate it in another slot , depending on the availability of computing and storage resources .

The client can request backup capabilities for a time agreed between the parties, these capabilities are not available in the standard queue processes. The customer must indicate this in the ” Remarks” service request, and will be taken into account when making the offer.

Base prices published are considered as maximum reference prices, lower prices may be set depending on the demand for services and the particular conditions of the services requested by the customer. In any case, the discount rates will depend on the number of nodes and time to be established in a given time and will be applied equally to all customers who make their request on the duration of these prices-base.


Unitary Cost

IaaS Service





PaaS Service





SaaS Service



User Account

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Monthly Quota